Cultivate beauty
This is a conveyance of beauty

Clothing that Shows Ethics. Beauty comes from the heart, and courtesy is shown on the outside.

Inspire beauty
Two traditions and one innovation

Inherit the long history and tradition of Chinese school uniforms, integrate the best resources of global school uniforms, and conduct a social experiment in beauty.

Enlighten beauty
The past and present life of school uniform

Recall the history and culture of Chinese national uniforms and explore the origin of modern school uniforms.

Integrate high-quality global resources

In-depth Service for Better Education

Following the principle of “Create Great Cause with Clothes”, Eton Kidd focuses on the aesthetic education of school uniforms. Aiming high from small start points, Eton Kidd steps up on the stairs of beauty. Referring to American poet Whitman, “There was a child went forth every day, and the first object he looked upon, that object he became, and that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day.”

We organize “First Lesson of Beauty” in many schools and plant the seed of beauty since adolescence covering all perspectives from fair body figures to beautiful clothes. Etiquette takes shape from external behaviors while beauty rises from hearts. Our children would gradually understand the connotation and figure out the common ground of beauty. The gene of beauty is thus embedded during growth, guiding our children to reach beauty and kindness and embrace the broad domain of beauty in recognition, thoughts, and spirits. Aesthetics may be the start and the destination of education.


Human, hanging on the self-woven net of meaning
   Going beyond “ordinary existence”, humans stand between experience and transcendence, between hilltop and foot, and between the starry sky and vast land. The road of life under the starry sky is not the obsession attached to vacant values nor trifles lost in daily life. Education should find the path “in-between”.

The “In-Between Teacher’s Culture Space” is the homeland of humanism where the meanings of education rise and the “third space” outside of traditional education. The quiet desk and bookshelves allow “book lovers to share the same tranquility”. Poems flow in the long river of human’s history. We always anticipate reading, writing, speaking, asking, thinking, and discerning to temper our minds and improve ourselves. Consequently, we may present the most beautiful cultural personality and spirit to our children.


Eton Kidd organizes an education media Gifted Education themed by aesthetic education as well as the "Educational Ideation" series salon, spreading high-level education values and beauty. Gifted Education supplement modern education system with the spirit of humanity and pave the spiritual road back to the essence of education with education ideals. Outstanding Education is not only the paradise for educators but also the homeland for everyone that demands our protection and devotion.

The "Educational Ideation" series salon promotes topics that include society and humanity, core qualities, and critical thoughts based on Gifted Education. The salon targets to find partners-in-arm who shares the same thoughts and devotes to education with actions by “communication” and “research and studies” from the perspectives of values and logics


Schools emerge from soil and mud are the core and souls of villages. The respectable educationist Tao Xingzhi once pointed out the importance of education. “Education is the only way for people to shake off the poverty and ignorance.” “Schools in villages are the center to transform rural life, and teachers in villages are the souls to change rural areas.”

Eton Kidd education always devotes to charitable activities for public welfare by its practices. Eton Kidd focuses on education in rural areas and serves the last 20% of small-scaled schools in rural areas. Voluntarily shouldering the responsibilities to solve social problems, Eton Kidd supports the construction and development of schools in rural areas by resource allocation and continuous investment. In the past decade, Eton Kidd participated in several small but meaningful charity projects and brought concrete and accessible benefits.