“If the inner spirit is not ignited, only a whimsical torch swirls around, it will turn out to be like a person locked in a dark dungeon with light swirling outside. A few rays of light may indeed penetrate into the gap, but all the light cannot infiltrate it.”.—— Comenius, Czech educator

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Life of Charity

“The wellbeing of human beings is a life centered on virtue. In other words, the practice of virtue is an essential and central part of a good human life.”——Aristotle

Eton people build themselves up and serve the society through participation in public welfare activities. In the process of continuous contribution, they get involved in public welfare, learn more about public welfare, devote themselves to public welfare,and fulfill their social responsibility.

Charity is not only about giving or having mercy.Do our words, looks, and actions give respect to the recipients?

Charity is not free. Does our project design inspire recipients to achieve success through their own way?

Charity is not just about feeling pity for bitterness and sadness.It's not that we are only moved by children who appear dirty or uncared for.Not only the efforts to improve harsh conditions represent sincerity.

Use "beauty" to motivate public welfare participants,and public welfare has become a process of constantly discovering "beauty"

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