Clothing Carries the Message, Cultivating Values Deeply

Initiating a series of educational public welfare practices, focusing on the value and beauty of rural areas.

"Story Field" Children's Philosophy Reading
In the barren land of values in the countryside, illuminating childhood with stories.

Jointly initiated with the 21st Century Education Research Institute, the "Story Field" children's philosophy reading public welfare project relies on the first series of original children's philosophical fairy tales in China, the "Cool Bear" series. The project aims to build a ladder of beauty and instill excellent values into the hearts of children in remote areas. It has benefited nearly 7,000 rural schools, more than 500,000 village teachers and students, contributing to the improvement of local rural education.

"UPCYCLE" Waste Recycling Project
Amidst the villages, traditional vitality is revitalized.

This initiative, based on upcycling discarded school uniform shirts, has established workshops in two ethnic minority villages. Over 200 women have had stable income for six years thanks to this project. More than 40 women from ethnic minority villages have directly achieved "poverty alleviation at their doorstep" and have remained out of poverty for two years.

Clothing Welfare · New Clothes Gift Bags:
Guarding the Rural Beauty's Life Attitude.

Eton Kidd, in collaboration with the Beijing Ganen Fund, Girls' Protecting, Wardrobe of Love, etc., has jointly initiated charitable projects such as "Guardians of Beauty", "Inviting You to Dream", and "Warm Candle Action". These projects advocate concepts like "self-help for beneficiaries" and "charity is not about just giving things for free", aligning with philanthropic and educational ideals.

A total of over 510,000 pieces of clothing have been donated, benefiting nearly 260,000 village teachers and students in over 4,000 villages across 25 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide.