Limited-Time Launch of the Urban Partner Program

Join the Billion-Dollar [Anti-Cyclical] Industry and Embrace Aesthetic Education

Jiangsu SUMEC Eton Kidd Brand Management Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of a central state-owned enterprise (SOE) with the characteristics of a social enterprise. Starting from the issues of unattractive designs, toxic materials, and opaque procurement processes of traditional school uniform, the company injects elements of elegant etiquette and high-quality educational concepts. It continuously drives the transformation of the Chinese school apparel industry, safeguarding aesthetic education. Gradually, it has evolved into a comprehensive education service solution provider dedicated to integrating global high-quality value chains and improving the educational ecosystem.

A member enterprise of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation, a Fortune Global 500company.

Annual delivery of over1300million school uniforms, serving nearly4000chools across31provincial-level administrative regions in China.

A well-regarded brand by both the industry and consumers, with revenue growth exceeding 130times in over a decade.

The industry's first intelligent warehousing and logistics complex, creating a robust backend support to efficiently serve schools across China.

Bloomberg Businessweek, in its 2014 17th issue, pointed out that "China's school uniform industry market capacity is in the RMB hundred-billion range".

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