School Uniform Group Purchase Booking

Listening to school cultural advocacy, tailoring mobile school culture business card

Pioneering a democratic, sunny, and transparent procurement process, creating a unique system of five sets of solutions
Partnering with globally renowned brand lineups, providing schools with comprehensive campus apparel system solutions

Pioneering five sets of solutions: Through observation, research, customized solutions, secure procurement, satisfactory after-sales service, and etiquette courses, tailor-making a mobile campus culture business card for schools.

Democratic and sunny procurement process: Pioneering a democratic, sunny, and transparent procurement system, integrating the parent committee into the school uniform procurement process, giving the choice of school uniforms to parents and the aesthetic judgment to students, promoting transparency in school uniform procurement.

Service cases of the aesthetic education for prestigious schools: Providing high-quality services to nearly 4000schools and millions of families, including Tsinghua University Primary School, High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai Nanyang Model High School, Nord Anglia International School, Chongqing No. 8 Secondary School, and many others.

Integrating global high-quality value chains: Adhering to a restrained, elegant, and refined design style, we collaborate with premium brands both domestically and internationally, such as TRUTEX, WILLIAM TURNER, Clarks, 3M, YKK, etc., to provide schools with a diverse range of campus apparel system solutions.

Digitized integrated efficient service: Establishing the Eton Kidd one-stop campus life solution ordering platform, we have built the industry's first intelligent warehousing and logistics complex, creating a robust backend support to efficiently serve schools across China.

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