Initiating "Gifted Education" Public Welfare Publications

Establishing an Educational Ideation Platform

"Gifted Education" - Public Welfare Publications, Conveying the Values and Beauty of Education

"Gifted Education" is a public welfare publication (internal journal) organized by Eton Kidd with the theme of "Pioneer of Chinese Educational Values". It traces the best educational values from ancient to modern times, both domestically and internationally, and showcases micro-innovation cases in schools.

Co-organizing the Educational Innovation Conference of China
A Domestic Benchmark for Basic Education

Continuously co-hosting the Educational Innovation Conference of China with DETT, the event brings together thousands of forward-thinking educators from both China and abroad in offline gatherings. Online, it gathers millions of principals, teachers, and scholars to create a collaborative learning environment. The aim is to explore global educational innovation ideas and cases, rebuilding a symbiotic and thriving school ecosystem through relationships and connections.

Conducting High-Quality Education Conferences/Salons/Workshops
Building the Spiritual Path to Returning to the Essence of Education

Focusing on humanistic values, aesthetics, and education, the "Gifted Education · Educational Ideation Power" salon series is organized through "dialogue" and "study tours". Collaborating with education bureaus, education research institute, educational newspapers, and school associations, high-quality education activities are jointly conducted to rebuild the educational ecosystem.